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Our Team

Roger Moore
CEO and President

Roger Moore, aka 007, was a successful California businessman-turned-entrepreneur who has the distinct notoriety of having sailed around the world, along with his wife Samantha, on a 13-year, 42,000 nautical mile odyssey.

Upon dropping anchor in Fort Lauderdale, Roger started QPS Marine with his business partner Jeff Garcia and began the process of acquiring other marine enterprises to compliment his entrepreneurial spirit. Nautical Ventures Group is currently comprised of four retail boat dealerships, a full-service marina, a rental operation, a brokerage division, a cruise ship division, a fishing radio show, and several marine oriented real estate ventures. He currently lives full-time on an 84-foot Expedition Yacht, so he understands the marine business from a boater’s perspective.
Jeff Garcia

Jeff Garcia was born in the South of France where his family owned a successful shipyard. He moved to St. Martin as a young adult where he founded Swan Charters with a fleet of 35 Nautor Swan sailboats.

His reputation as a service yard in the French West Indies grew as he gained a toehold in the retrofitting of pre-owned yachts. It was here he met his American wife and they moved to the United States to start a family. He became the project manager at Derecktor Shipyards overseeing the refit of large, luxury yachts. In 2003, Jeff began his business collaboration with Roger Moore, servicing boats for the South Florida yachting community. Jeff’s contribution to the service operations for Nautical Ventures is immeasurable.
Spencer Milligan
General Manager

Spencer Milligan is a marine biologist by education, but a spirited businessman by lineage. His family owns several truck dealerships in Texas where he learned the automotive trade at a very early age.

His leap into the marine business was a natural transition for Spencer who, along with his wife, is a boater, diver, fisherman, kayaker, stand up paddle boarder, and all-around fitness buff. His business savvy towards customer service, along with his financial acumen, brings a level of enthusiasm and adventure that is contagious throughout the store. Spencer has proven to be a valuable asset to Nautical Ventures Group who, along with Roger Moore and Jeff Garcia, plays a pivotal role in their various expansion plans.
Diego Conti
General Sales Manager

Diego is a true renaissance man whose resume reads like a who’s who of international experience. Prior to moving to the United States, he was a Doctor in Argentina working for the Ministry of Health, Patagonia Region.

He came to the U.S. in search of a better life and found it at Nautical Ventures, where his prior experience in a law firm was put to good use. Diego’s strong work ethic and skills in Supply Management, Budget Tracking, Staff Delegation, Managing Processes, Inventory Control, and Reporting Skills quickly earned him a position of distinction, reporting directly to Roger & Jeff. Within 18-months Diego was promoted to Sales Manager of our Dania Beach dealership where he has an excellent command of his sales staff and client base, turning in double-digit sales increases over the prior year.
Tom Bell
Store Manager North Palm Beach

Tom originally joined Nautical Ventures in the Dania location working within our service department, with the aspiration to move into upper management.

He commuted 60 miles every day in each direction and successfully tackled the many challenges brought on by a growing service yard, which included boat shows and outside events logistics. In short order, Tom was promoted to Service Manager of our North Palm Beach Dealership where he successfully set up a first-class service operation. Tom’s hard work and dedication paid off, reflected through a steady stream of 5-Star reviews and consistent high marks from clients. He is now the Store Manager for our North Palm location and on track to double gross sales for the fiscal year 2019.
Nada Yared
Chief Financial Officer

Nada has over 20 years of financial experience having served as COO of ECE Capital. Her skills include business planning, corporate finance, strategic planning, business development of SMEs and financial advisory services for mergers and acquisitions, valuation studies and fund structuring.

Fluent in English, French and Arabic, she was team leader for numerous development projects in cooperation with UNDP, World Bank, USAID and European Commission, in the United States, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. Nada holds an MBA from University of Texas at Arlington and has extensive experience in various industries including real estate, industrial, health, transport, banking and financial services, hospitality, and the marine sector.
Stephen Wigal
North Palm Kayak Manager

Founder of Adventure Times, an established 25-year-old Kayak and Paddle Board company in Palm Beach, Stephen merged his company with Nautical Ventures in 2015 when the opportunity to join forces came about.

His passion and knowledge of the Kayak and SUP industry is second to none and Stephen maintains a loyal customer following both at our retail store and rental kiosk. Stephen had the Hobie territory for Palm Beach County and, as a result, has a great relationship and extensive product knowledge with the brand. His ability to network with the Palm Beach boating and fishing community is a public relations dream and Nautical Ventures quickly grabbed the kayak community spotlight as a result of Stephen’s management initiatives.
Jon Grau
Hotel & Resorts Sales Manager

Jon is Nautical Ventures longest running employee who started his career here long before its current iteration. A champion windsurfer and Hobie Catamaran connoisseur, Jon has seen many changes in this industry over the years.

In his current role, Jon is our Hotel and Resorts Manager who supplies cruise ships, hi-end resorts, and tourism destinations with our quality products- all around the world. He has well-established relationships with major cruise lines and hotel chains that rely on Jon to keep their water concessions stocked with the latest models. Jon is an accomplished sculptor and artist whose work is widely recognized throughout the South Florida art community.
Ken Caine
Director of Cruise Ship Sales

Where do cruise ships go when they retire? They go to Nautical Ventures where Captain Ken Caine finds them a new purpose in life. Ken is aptly suited for this position having been the President of Windstar Cruise lines for many years.

The demand for quick infrastructure within developing nations is high, and a cruise ship can accommodate thousands of people in short order. Ken is an expert at navigating the complex waters to recommission these vessels for the purpose at hand, as well as to seamlessly facilitate all the international legal compliances required for the sales process. Additionally, Ken has successfully established a charter division making select vessels available to high profile celebrities and royalty.
Deborah Rice
J.D. / H.R. / Corporate Compliance

A proud graduate from Emory University School of Law, Debbie has an impressive background well-suited for the complex legalities that make up Nautical Ventures corporate structure and acquisition plans.

She cut her teeth as General Counsel for Value-Rent-A-Car during their acquisition by Mitsubishi Motor Sales, overseeing all legal matters and corporate governance. As our Corporate Compliance Director, Debbie manages all in-house corporate and legal matters, negotiations, settlement of claims, and assists outside counsel in litigation. As our Human Resources Director, Debbie is responsible for all HR policies, recruitment, hiring, termination, and benefit packages for a growing staff of 100+ employees.
Frank Ferraro
Director of Marketing

Frank is a multi-disciplined Brand Manager having studied under the tutelage of Ogilvy, McCann, and Lyons,and fully understands the mediums of today’s digital landscape.

His department encompasses advertising, public relations, social media, event coordination, and web/digital/listings management – all staffed with top-tier, talented individuals. He owned an ad agency for 32-years with a core element centered around marine marketing. He launched and revived several major brands and his portfolio reveals iconic ad campaigns still recognizable today. He is a boater, surfer and musician whose creative aptitude influences the lives of fellow workers, vendors and media personnel.
Bernardo Castello
Information Technology Manager

Bernardo wears more hats at Nautical Ventures than anyone else and he wears them well. Born & educated in Brazil, Bernardo speaks several languages but most importantly understands the language of coding.

As a result, he customizes and writes all of Nautical Ventures digital assets so that we rank high across all digital platforms. His deep understanding of systems integrations throughout all our departments has saved the company thousands of dollars annually, and has improved work efficiency exponentially. Bernardo is an original thinker whose ideas often lead to innovative marketing paths. An expert drone flyer, he is also the elected company photographer responsible for producing the images and video footage that populates the web pages that he creates.
Chance Brown
Tampa Bay Store Manager

Chance started life at Nautical Ventures in tender sales, and few can rival the skill sets and knowledge brought on by Chance Brown. His desire to help outfit a yacht with the right RIB goes above and beyond his customers’ expectations.

Although now officially our store manager at our Tampa Bay location, Chance handles a potpourri of tasks and assignments around Nautical Ventures and is always willing to lend a hand, or his muscles, to any department in need of assistance. His enthusiasm and willingness to help customers find the boat of their dreams is infectious to all who work in his dealership. Chance strives for nothing less than 100% customers satisfaction and, as a result, garners 5-star reviews from all the people he helps.
Tyler Atherton
Sarasota Store Manager

Tyler holds the company record for the most boats sold to a single customer and he has the award on his desk to prove it. He sold 36 boats in a single transaction to a local boat club, and that was no small feat.

If you can imagine what it took to complete that transaction, now imagine how hard he works to help all his other customers. Tyler has a strong marketing sense about him and is hyper focused on spreading the gospel of having fun on the water to the Sarasota community. Whether someone is new to boating, or has been a boater all their life, Tyler and his staff strive to make their clients experience the absolute best it can possibly be. Originally from Marietta, Georgia, Tyler loves talking up football... as long as it’s about the Falcons or Bulldogs.
Keara Bell
Event Manager

Keara brings a wealth of event management experience, having worked and managed the marine boat show circuit for many notable builders and brokerage firms. Not only does she know what to do and how to get it done, Keara brings and air of class and sophistication to the new events at hand.

She takes great pride in her work, ethics, and flawless execution of events while maintaining a strict adherence to budget constraints. Her passion for the marine industry shows no bounds and she thoroughly enjoys the challenges of meeting deadlines while maintaining a positive attitude. Keara is an avid world traveler, enjoys making holidays special, and is always there to lend a helping hand to those in need.
Ella Alston
Social Media Manager

Ella loves anything to do with the water... Boating, Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Fishing, you name it, Ella loves it. She’s has always lived near the water and, as a result, is building her career around it.

A graduate of Lynn University in Boca Raton, Ella is schooled in the science of creating social media content and managing the various platforms in which it is placed. The most important quality a social media person can possess is to be a very social person. Ella is outgoing, friendly, personably, instantly likeable, and extremely talkative, which is a good thing. She’s eager to learn and try new things, which is important in the social media world since new platforms and ever-changing mediums create new opportunities to get our message out.
Adrian Delgado
Listing Manager

Adrian came from the boat building world so he knows boats. Listing a boat online is a science all unto itself. For a listing to get noticed it must contain as much accurate data as possible.

In needs to have good original content. It needs original photography. And it needs to be composed in such a way that it will rank high on all search engines. Adrian has the knowledge, the discipline, and the photographic skills to put it all together so that our listings get maximum exposure. Additionally, Adrian has a creative and artistic side that makes its way into his work products. He’s an excellent drone operator, he enjoys photography, and loves to get out on the water to test out our new boats, kayaks, paddleboards and water toys.
Tatiana Serrato
Finance & Insurance

Tatiana has extensive experience in the world of finance and insurance having come from the automotive industry. She also owned and operated her own titling company before joining the ranks of our organization.

Her deep knowlegde of F & I, along with an extentsive contact base of key banks and lenders, ensures our clients that they are getting the best rates and terms for their boats. It also helps that Tatiana is genuinely a cheerful and likeable person – just look at her smile. Her financial contacts, along with our customers, find her cheerfulness a nice respite from their busy day and, as a result, bend over backwards to faciliate her applications. If you’re looking to finance your boat, Tatiana is your go-to person.